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Dynamice Eye - Institut für sportvision


Visual performance is an important performance parameter, especially in high-level sport, because almost every error in sport is based on a visual misjudgement. Although most coaches are aware of the central importance of visual perception, this topic - also due to a lack of professional approaches - is rather neglected. This is exactly where DynamicEye training comes in, because the fact is that many athletes are far from the peak of their visual performance. Diagnostics and training of: Dynamic vision, peripheral vision, fixation ability, spatial perception and assessment can be learned and trained here.

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SW Merzbach

My ViCo training sessions are taking place among other things on the soccer pitch of Schwarz-Weiss Merzbach. I am very pleased and happy about the cooperation with the club, which kindly and uncomplicatedly provides me with training times.


German Football Academy India - GFA

German Football Academy as a program will primarily focus on the introduction and development of football from the grassroots’ to the professional level, aims at introducing the game to the youth and provide the required training, facilities and structure to take it next level. German Football Academy is a program which will focus on introduction of modern football in the future generation of India.