Exercise: Rabbit & Hunter

Verena Willinek

Visions, ideas, devotion to move things; pursuing new paths, working on ideas to become reality are the things that keep me going.

Turning visions into reality and making things happen are what drives me on.  Not standing still but moving forwards and doing things

‘If you always do what you’ve always done,
you’ll always get what you’ve always got!“
— Henry Ford

I was born in Bonn - the former capital of Germany - in August 1975.  Since I was 5 years old the soccer pitch in our neighbourhood has been my second home. I caught the soccer bug then and I am still infected now! Besides my active soccer career as a premier league player, and later as a regional league player, I have also acquired various soccer and coaching licences.

  • Soccer Coach 'B'-License (DFB)

  • Soccer Goalkeeper Trainer Licence (DFB)

  • Athletics-Trainer License

  • Life Kinetics-Trainer License

In addition, I worked from 2013- 2017 as soccer coach for girls, within one of our Regional Soccer Associations, Fußballverband Mittelrhein e. V. (FVM).


Until 2003 I worked as a police officer with the German Border Guards. Afterwards, I worked as state-certified physiotherapist until after an accident in 2016 I was unable to do this job any more.

Therefore, I attended several training courses and workshops to become a sports mental coach.


To round off my professional profile, I successfully completed further education courses, obtaining my ViCo-Coach and Visual- Coach certificates.

In 2017 I founded my own Soccer school named BrainSoccer. Here I have the opportunity to give different ViCo workshops for adults and youth players on an international level.


From January 2018 unitl July 2019 I worked as Head Coach for Hinna FK in Norway. I was responsible for the Senior ladies team playing in the 2nd Norwegian League division, as well as train the Trainers of the youth teams and their players.


Besides the soccer pitch, I also work as lecture speaker for ViCo and Visual training.