ViCo-Trainings Sessions- Offer

Take your skills and confidence to the next level through individualized training sessions with someone who loves soccer as much as you do!

I can offer my innovative soccer training for teams and individuals. It is for all ages, beginning at the age of  7 for soccer and all other sports.

My website provides you the most important informations. Of course, I will also  be available upfront for any questions that may arise. 

Just write an E-Mail to, and we arrange an informal meeting. 


Team Training

ViCo-Training for Teams

Duration of a ViCo training session lasts 60 minutes and should take place once a week, either on the usual training day or any other day. 

First successes will be visible after 3 - 4 training sessions.

I can offer irregular intervals to become familiar with ViCo-Training or as an alternative to your regular weekly training sessions.

Prices can be discussed when we meet.


Training in small groups

ViCo-training for small groups (3 - 6 athletes)

Duration of a ViCo training sessions lasts 60 minutes, once per week. 

First successes are visible after 3 - 4 training sessions and should take place over a period of 4 weeks.

Price: 120,- € per Person, includes 4 Training sessions à 60 min.


Training for Individuals

Vico-training for Individuals (1 - 2 athletes

Die Dauer einer ViCo-Trainingseinheit beträgt 60 Minuten wöchentlich und kann nach vorheriger Termin- und Ortsabsprache durchgeführt werden.

Hier werden ganz individuell deine Fähigkeiten gefördert.

Price: 50,- € per Person, per session à 60 min.