Cognitive Flexibility

Switch focus quickly

Visual & Cognitive Training

These training sessions consists of visual cognitive training, that means the athletes must fulfill additional tasks during their practice

whereby the 

  1. the cognitive Intelligenz (executive functions; mental functions to control own behaviour with regard to conditions of the environement (decision-making);

  2. the emotional intelligence (emotions) and

  3. the motoric intelligence (motoric variability and creativity)


In particular the executive functions will be trained for 

  • 1. Cognitive flexibility (in soccer the ability to switch the focus between things quickly and at the same time)

  • 2. Inhibition (i.e. passing: Can I pass the Ball to my teammate or not? Will the defender catch pass or not? After a new calculation of the player, this will be likely. Now the player has to stop the process of passing the Ball to the team mate.)

  • 3. Working memory (the players' control center, where all ongoing information will be handled and connected with experience from the past to come to a conclusiona and future decision.

With these executive functions a self-regulation will take place and emotions , behavior and attention can be controlled. This is most important and needed especially in the last third of the match.